Voice Note

Happy birthday, Chaeyoung! Here you go a birthday fiction for her. ❤ Enjoy it, everyone!

Twice Fanfiction Indonesia


Voice Note

By. Twelve

Kim Mingyu; Son Chaeyoung

<600 words (ficlet); romance, fluff


Ting tong!

Chaeyoung menerima satu voice note malam itu.



11:58 p.m

April 23rd, 2016.

[Chaeyoung’s B’day!]


“Selamat ulang tahun!”

Yo, Baby. Happy birthday!”

Have a blast, Beautiful!!!”

Saengil chukkahamnida!

Otanjoubi omedetto!! <3”

Happy birthday, dear my dearest Chaeyoung… May good things always by your side. God bless u!”

ONE IN A MILLION! Yo! It’s your birthday! I wish you a happy belated birthday. Please live your life with no regrets and don’t forget to take care of yourself. All the best for ya! God bless. I ❤ U.”


Ponsel Chaeyoung terus-terusan berdering, seperti tidak ada habisnya. Anak perempuan itu baru menyalakan ponsel dua menit yang lalu, dan seruntuyan notifikasi langsung membanjirinya, entah itu dari Twitter atau…

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